The military has a Long and deep seeded culture of having logos that exudes the Essence of the squadron. These logos usually appears on shirts, jackets and even caps. But the most important and unique apparel that make military aviation stand out from the rest of the military services are the patches they don on their flight suit!
At THEFLYGEEK, we stand out from the rest of our industry peers because we have military aviation experience! Coupled with our line up of artists, we produce unique embroidery patches for active military flying squadrons starting from a blank sheet. We design and manufacture these bespoke patches. Our team of workers have impeccable skills and coupled with our state of the art machine, we produced patches of supreme quality that is embroidered using TOP quality threads with TOP quality fabric as it’s backing. Our patches comes with both Velcro and iron on backing so that you can customised your backpack, jacket and even shirt to make it look cool! Alternatively, you can also sew them on! Customised PVC patches are also available at request.

So if you’re looking for Authentic patches that are used officially by active flying squadrons either as their primary patch or fun patch, look no further! We provide authentic TOP quality bespoke patch because we at theflygeek believe in upholding this strong and unique culture of military flying!

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