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Flying is an art itself.

Our artwork by theflygeek are created by motivated professionals and passionate artists around the world.

At theflygeek, our mission is to spread the art and culture of aviation. We encourage individuals with the passion for aviation and arts - just like yourself, to join our team and spread the love of aviation and its culture together!

Contact us if you are keen to be part of this mission!

Artist En1

Khoo Works

"Focusing mostly on aviation-themed artworks for more than a decade , Edwin has developed his own unique style of chibi aircraft drawings. Equipped with a strong aviation background in the military and commercial world, he has been consistently applying his design skills to his love for aviation related memorabilia and patches over the years. One of his proudest and most memorable contribution has been the distinct Red and White livery design in 2014, currently used by the RSAF Black Knights."

Artist Joshua "en"

As the youngest artist in our team, Artist Joshua is full of passion for both aviation and arts. The fire that burns within him brings an alternative new age element to our team dynamics.

Artist Joshua, a professional civil aviator in his own rights has got great insights to the aviation tradition. With that, coupled with his passion for arts and new age ideas, you can expect to be in for a pleasant surprise!

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