Aviation Pins

Theflygeek bespoke aviation lapel pins are perfect for corporate organisations to instill and display the organisation's unique identity.

These pins are not only meaningful, but they have deep seeded culture and a rich history to boast! The Chinese first design and manufacture these enamel / lapel pins during 1271 - 1368 AD.

The team at THEFLYGEEK is committed to uphold this tradition by presenting the best designs coupled with employing the most modern enamelling techniques in order to deliver a meaningful and unique gift befitting of your organisation.

Stay tuned and look our for our various lapel pin designs on our website and social media!

Those looking to engage our bespoke services, you may contact Us directly via FB or IG messenger or simply email us at info@theflygeek.com.


Customise Design


Why wreck your brain and waste productive time over this? Let our creative team take this up for you and present you with ideas to shortlist. All you need to do is sit back, wait for your whatsapp image and point out which design is the one of your choice! How much easier can it get?!


After the design is selected by our customer, it will be passed on to our production production line to materialise it into the lapel pin that you've dreamt about! Our lapel pins are made from zinc alloy - one of the toughest material you get for lapel pin production. This is to ensure that whatever you get, it was built to last!


Our pricing are universally matched. We assure you that what you're paying for, it is worth every single cent!

Wear on

These lapel pins can be worn on blazers, ties, shirts, Lanyards and even be placed on bags. It is widely used as a Commemorative gift that has great symbolic meaning. What's better and more meaningful than a lapel pin that represents your identity?!

Customise Packaging

If you don't already know yet, we also do customised packaging so that your lapel pin has a matching "home" that's unique!

Lead time for customisation

Our lead time is usually 30 - 45 days from design approval to your door step!

Disclaimer: THEFLYGEEK is in no way an associated with any other companies. We are a solely a memorabilia store providing aviation themed products to aviators and enthusiast around the world and in no way representing any airlines or military forces.

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