Custom Stickers

THEFLYGEEK customised stickers were painstakingly designed by our very own artist. These bespoke stickers can include name  to create your very own customised stickers. The sticker artwork of our artist is unique in it’s own way, making it a very sought after memorabilia by collector’s and aviation professionals alike! Our design include modern planes from the likes of  Airbus and Boeing that is every Airlines preferred brand for planes! We also do Military plane artwork that includes fighter jets, helicopters and transport/ cargo planes and we even do sticker design for Vintage planes! And for those who just need some laugh from funny aviation artwork, we have a whole series of aviation meme stickers!

Our Customised stickers online shop has been set up with the aim to reach out to not only seasoned aviators, but also young and impressionable children who are fascinated by airplanes. We aim to help them keep their inner passion for aviation burning strong so that they will ultimately be aviators of tomorrow.

We have a whole range of sticker design that is suitable for collectors to proudly display it on their personal belongings such as luggage, laptops, IPads and even snowboards! They are water proof and tear proof making it perfect for both indoors and outdoors

Premium Vinyl Stickers

Military Aircraft Stickers

Commercial Aircraft Stickers

Army Stickers

Aviation MEME Stickers

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