Challenge Coins

The Challenge coin is another unique culture that air forces and even many uniform services around the world adopts. Uniform service includes Army, Navy (particularly the navy seals), Marine Corp, law enforcement agencies such as your secret services and fire fighters. There is even an American presidential coin – so you can’t exactly be surprised if Donald Trump carries along one with him!

THEFLYGEEK challenge coin is designed and manufactured painstakingly by our skilled craftsmen for active military flying squadron. Our very first work is for one of our very own local flying squadron that includes the Punisher skull in it. These rare military aviation command challenge coins are usually exchanged between military officers during their overseas deployment. These is to forge a sense of camaraderie during these joint exercises as well as to keep up cordial relations between them. Even as the aviation world modernised from P-51 days to the current F-35, one thing remain unchanged – that is our tradition. So, with such rich tradition and story behind it, the command challenge coin is definitely a collector’s gem!

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