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Celebrating Singapore Independence Day


THEFLYGEEK by Flight Gear Co. in conjunction with NDP 2020 #SGunited will release a series of Chibi styled stickers that represents our fellow Singaporean who puts on their professional cap on a daily basis to protect singapore. You can look forward to the crowd favourites such as the Red Lions, F-15SG Bomb Burst and the Guard of Honour!

This year is a special year, as not only we have the military personnel that defend our nation, but also the medical professionals and even our safe distance ambassadors who had been working tirelessly in their professional capacity to protect and safeguard our personal well being – keeping us safe from COVID. Therefore, we THEFLYGEEK will be releasing a special #SGhero series to commemorate our frontliners. So, do get them and display them proudly to show our support and appreciation! 

As a Singapore Company, Flight Gear Co. is committed to make our “NDP Special” a yearly affair  so that Singaporeans can join in the festivities and celebrate our nation’s birthday together as One Singapore!

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