About Us

Flight Gear Co. was founded in the year 2020 by 3 ex-military instructor pilots with the aim to be a regional one-stop shop for aviators and aviation enthusiast. Flight Gear Co. has two main shops - namely Flight Gear and THEFLYGEEK by Flight Gear. Flight Gear was set up to offer professional gear for aviators using only top grade materials, while THEFLYGEEK offers high quality and authentic memorabilia.

The team at Flight Gear harnessed on the experience of our 3 founders (having a combined military flying experience of approximately 10,000 hrs between them), to bring to aviators professional flight gear that enhances your flying experience – regardless whether you’re a military or general aviator. Latching on our founders’ background, we identified the needs of fellow aviators. Every single flight merchandise were painstakingly designed to bring comfort while serving it’s practical purpose. In addition, the materials for all our merchandise were hand picked by our founders in order to ensure that our customers receive nothing less than a top grade flight gear. This is what we strive for at Flight Gear – To make your flying experience an enjoyable and classy one!
While Flight Gear offers professional gear for aviators, the team at THEFLYGEEK work with an aim to bring to collectors and aviation enthusiast authentic and high quality memorabilia. We also offer bespoke services such as “design and make” embroidery service to cater to the military aviation tradition of patch making as well as customised embroidery for your flight gear. All these are made possible with our team of artists boasting strong aviation background themselves! Thus, the art they produce resonates well with the aviation community.
Be it you’re an aviator or simply an aviation enthusiast, Flight Gear Co. has something to offer you. From top grade flight gear and apparels to memorabilia and collectables, we have it all!
So if you’re looking for high quality aviation products either for yourself or as a gift to a friend, look no further! You’re at the right place!


Disclaimer: THEFLYGEEK is in no way an associated with any other companies. We are a solely a memorabilia store providing aviation themed products to aviators and enthusiast around the world and in no way representing any airlines or military forces.

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