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Welcome to our one stop aviation MEGASTORE! Here we offer aviation products range across the General, Commercial and Military Aviation. Come in and immerse in the culture and history of aviation NOW!


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Our Customise Service

An idea is all you need! Tell us your idea, our professional service team will take care of the brainstorming for you.

Not only we brainstorm the design, we can also recommend the suitable customised gift or product for your event or corporate team. 

With our team of professional experts, we only aim to deliver the best!

Got your idea? Why wait?  Contact us now for your free recommendation and quote today!

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The Best Thing About Us

Our Customers

Our customers are what we're made up of. They come from a wide range of companies within the aviation industry and also from the corporate world looking for high quality aviation themed products and merchandise that resonates with their company's beliefs.

From big corporations to smaller companies, we're grateful to our customers for their unwavering support and the good relationship we have with them. Therefore, the team at THEFLYGEEK is on an endless mission to strive to create and produce aviation memorabilia and merchandise of impeccable quality - because whether our customers give out our products to their clients as a gift or simply for their personal collection, we believe our product represents their identity.

Disclaimer: THEFLYGEEK is in no way an associated with any other companies. We are a solely a memorabilia store providing aviation themed products to aviators and enthusiast around the world and in no way representing any airlines or military forces.

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